Online Mixing and Mastering 

How does it work? 

I started a studio to help artists’ music sound professional while being accessible.

Lets get your tracks to the next level together.


You put some serious hours in recording , editing and producing your music.

You’ve done all you can to make them sound good.

You have a vision to what you want.

Now it’s time to make your tracks sound like they should!

This is where I take over.  I’ll come in to make your recordings sound larger than life. 

Having a mixer work on the songs you’ve been hearing over and over again,

will bring a new perspective and make them connect emotionally with your fans. 


The mixing and mastering process of your music can either make your songs incredible or miss the mark,
so make the most of it. 


The Process


What are you investing in? 

A Badass mix or master to begging with! 


You are hiring me as a mixer and I try to go the extra mile for my clients. 

Just send me your session or your stems. I work in Logic Pro X but I am able to take your tracks

as you produced them and I will transition them seamlessly to my setup.


Here are some of the things I will do for you: 


Not happy with your tones or how they sound in the recording vs in a live setting? 

Not a problem! I’ll help you dial your tone.  This may be as simple as tweaking your initial sound, 

or it may be a case of creating new tones entirely.

Whatever you prefer, I will always work towards making the final mix better. 


When it comes to bass, I prefer to always keep a bass DI available for re-amping.


Pro Tip:  Always use new strings when recording guitars and bass! 



When mixing, drum samples typically play a large role making your drums sound great. I love to use the natural drums  and using samples just to enhance your drums. I much prefer real drums over MIDI drums but if your production is all about programming drums or you couldn’t track your drummer, I will work with you to make them sound great and I will spend time humanizing them (so they sound more natural and less programmed). 




This can include, but is not limited to: 


EQ, Compression, Parallel Compression, Limiting, Normalization, Saturation, Automation, Delay, Reverb, Creating Busses and Sends, Balancing Levels, Making Shit Sound Excellent, Etc. 




I am used to master the records I work on, so regardless of if you want to master your tracks with me or not, when referencing I will give you a mastered track to listen. This will help you listen as a final product and compare to your favorite records. 


Now for the not-so-obvious...



I can give you input and feedback on technical questions about mix prep, best practices for engineering and editing your songs, instrument choices, string choices, microphone/preamp choices, or anything else that can impact the result of the final product. You will have my contact info and we can talk when you need it!


The better the source audio, the better the final product will be.


I'll be here to help wherever I can to make sure everything is the highest quality possible before you send it to me. 

This is the definition of a win/win outcome.



Included for free are 3 rounds of revisions. The best results usually come when the band talk amongst themselves and one person communicates with me about what the band feels helps the song. Feel free to reach out and ask questions,  my goal is to make this a smooth and simple a process for you. 



 What’s not included


A few things not included in the standard fee but can be added to your project at an additional cost. 



This includes guitar editing, bass editing, drum editing, vocal editing, pitch correction,  etc. 




This includes post-production, intro / outro programming, FX, synth, atmospheric soundscapes,

extensive instrumental effects (delays, reverbs, etc.). 






The Process is very simple, first contact me via the form above.

I will email you or contact you via your preferred method (phone call, email, fb messenger) and we 

can discuss your project and plan the best strategy for your music and become best friends. 



I will email you a lovely proposal with a scope of work, you'll read it

with your own eyes. It'll be a beautiful thing. 


This gives you a detailed overview of what is included, what is not included, what to expect,

the timeline, the next steps and the terms & conditions.

At this time we can pencil in your dates. 


If no next steps have been taken after a reasonable amount of time,

the proposal will expire and will no longer be valid.  



Once you've looked over everything, spoken to your bandmates and agreed

that I'm the man for the job, I will send you an invoice for the 40% deposit. 




Once the deposit has been paid, we'll set your dates in stone.

Keep in mind that no dates guaranteed on the calendar until a deposit has been paid.


There are no exceptions to this rule.


This rule allows me to give you more options for scheduling. 

If we didn't have it, then my calendar would be booked solid for the next 12 months,

and 50% of the bands would fall off the face of the earth with no explanation. 




Sometime between sending me your deposit and your first scheduled day of mixing,

you'll need to send us your session files.The sooner the better. If you don't know how to send files

or need help with preparing your session, feel free to reach out. I can help you make your and my life 




The remaining balance is due when you are happy with the first mix. 

You will receive mp3s to reference and once you have fully paid I can send you high quality wavs,

DDPs or whatever you need. 


Before mixing all of the songs in your project, I will mix and master one song, following your vision and where I hear the song going.  This allows you both to get on the same page for all of the "big picture" parts of the mix. 

This includes drum tones, guitar tones, bass tones, and overall mix levels. 


The revisions you make here are not counted towards your three revision limit. Spend as much time as you need to get the mix where you want it before moving on. And please, be as clear as you can with how you feel about your mixes or masters!  



Once the first mix has been approved, I will spend the bulk of his time mixing and mastering

the rest of the tracks based on the final first mix. 


There should be no surprises once you get the rest of the album. 

From here, there are typically only small revisions to make.



The revision process typically goes like this:


1 | I send the mastered mix to you. 


2 | You listen multiple times, gathering a lengthy list of minor revisions

("turn up the lead at xx:xx. Turn down the vocals at xx:xx",

Less reverb on this, more distortion on that, etc).


3 | I add the revision request to my to-do  list and complete them asap.

The sooner you get me notes, the sooner you will get your revisions.


4 | Rinse and repeat for revision round 2 and 3. 

By revision round 3, the 99% of artists have a mix they're ready to receive final masters.

If you're part of the 1% who need additional revisions, they can be completed for a flat hourly fee.



You did it!  The mixes and masters are done, and I'll deliver them straight to your inbox via a dropbox link.  





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