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What Is My Purpose & How Karl Paulnack has life figured the fuck out

Updated: Dec 15, 2019

Somehow this questions has drove me insane every time life provides an obstacle that challenges my livelihood. I tend to forget, or rather ignore, how important music is to humanity and end up in a rollercoaster asking How can I make a meaningful impact with music? To better understand the true meaning of music, we have to break it down to what we consider music as a society. Is it a commodity? Is it a mean to communicate what we can not otherwise express? Is it pure entertainment? If that was the case, how come some songs cause strong reactions in us? We turn to music during happy times but also during desperate times. Which means music is a visceral way of communicating with each other but more importantly, with ourselves. The darkest times in history have had musical episodes. And no I don’t mean in a Disney way, where we sign our problems away in a catchy tune and synchronized dance. Im talking about even in the most difficult times in history, like WW2 concentration camps music was created. Why does that happen? Music is there to explain what we can’t express otherwise. Because when words fail, music will prevail! When I’m feeling like I’ve lost my purpose and need to remind myself why what I create is important, not just for me, but for others, I read Karl Paulnack’s welcome address to freshman parents of the Boston Conservatory. He managed to put into words why what we make as music creators is extremely important for us as humans to understand ourselves. We are responsible for helping people communicate with each other. I hope this read serves you in your times of darkness and inspires you in your times of joy. It has definitely done it for me.📷


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