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What's the process like?

First you can fill in the form in the contact page or email me, we will discuss your project and cover all our bases. I will give you a quote and we can get things scheduled. For mixes I ask for 50% up front, and 50% once you receive your first mix. For mastering you can pay once you are done with your project. 

What's your turn around time?

What are your rates?

What payment method do you take?

I can invoice you via paypal which will allow you to use credit cards or I can take venmo, bank deposit, or wire transfer. 

Why should I hire you?

Do you do attended sessions?

When we schedule your project we can get a better estimate. In average mixes are 3-5 days. Masters I do 24-48 hrs.  Recalls take 24-48 hrs as well. 

Every project is different, tell me about your project and I can give you an accurate quote!

I don't take projects that I don't believe in, or that I don't think I can make better. If I'm in, I will do everything in my power to make your recordings connect with your audience and be the best they can. 

I usually do not offer attended sessions, however if you are local or we are tracking additional production, I can accommodate. If you are planning on attending sessions please let me know before I quote you as I will have to include that in the pricing. 

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